Hello, World!

January 28, 2024 (1mo ago)


1 minute read


Hello, there!

I'm Alex, and I'm ecstatic that you chose to read my very humble writing. Please take your time looking around this very plain-looking site, and do let me know if you find anything you'd like to comment on, either on Twitter or through email.

So, why should you read the content on this site? Well, the answer is probably very personal to you, and since I wouldn't presume to be able to read your thoughts, I'll lay out my reasons for writing.

Even though I've written articles in the past, a combination of boredom and imposter syndrome prevented me from continuing to do so. I also tweet fairly often, but as an outlet, it feels limited for certain types of content.

So, while revamping my personal site— as you do every other week— I said to myself, "Let's try writing again!". And thus, it came to life.


"Alright, enough with the intro, tell me already" you might say. Okay, okay, here are some goals for this site:

  • Write short, interesting takes on random topics and also more lengthy, technical deep-dives into whatever I'm learning.
  • Improve my English writing skills (my native language is Spanish).
  • Contribute to spreading the word about things I believe deserve more attention (check out this guy or this other guy, for example).
  • And the most important one: Give some value back to The Internet— God knows I've learned half of what I know thanks to it.

Ok, I know it's not a very concrete plan, but that's alright. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully, you'll get some value out of the articles here. Cheers!